Welcome to Hearty Vegan, Home of Texas Tempeh

Product Lineup

Tempeh is a delicious Indonesian fermented staple, traditionally made from soybeans, that is high in fiber, low in saturated fat, has no cholesterol and is comparable to beef in percentage of protein. Its rich, nutty flavor and chewy texture make it an extremely versatile meat-substitute.

Tempeh provides a solution for an increasing number of people who care about the impact of food on their health, the health of ecosystems and on animal suffering. Hearty Vegan products offer peace-of-mind, a delightful, savory taste, and satisfaction from eating healthy, nutritious food. We only use ingredients that are health supporting, organic and vegan.

We also use domestically grown, non-GMO Soybeans, Black-eyed peas and Garbanzo beans. We offer several varieties of soy-free tempeh, check out our products page for a full line-up.

Why choose Hearty Vegan? We think our tempeh is superior because we freeze it at the peak of flavor, keeping the mycelium intact as opposed to pasteurizing. Since freezing does not harm the texture, we preserve the beautiful fresh-from-the-incubator quality without the bitter taste that comes with pasteurization.

The Hearty Vegan, LLC is the first permitted Tempeh producer in the state of Texas. We are a mother/daughter owned and operated company dedicated to producing healthy, satisfying Tempeh-based meat alternatives.

Check out our recipe page for creative meals for many occasions as well as cooking tips and soy-free substitutions. Look at our vendors page to see if your grocery store or favorite restaurant carries our Tempeh!

We operate in a gluten-free kitchen, so all of our products and the majority of our recipes are gluten-free.