About Us

Beth and Becky

We are a mother/daughter team that became vegan in the 1980’s when few people had heard of the word vegetarian, let alone Vegan. People sometimes asked us “Are you from the planet Vega?”.  At stores, family dinners and restaurants our favorite w(h)ine was often “We’re hungry!”. These days it is a different world, Vegan is a household name and there are options everywhere. You could easily be vegan these days and live on nothing but microwaved meals and junk food.

Back then, if we wanted great food, we usually had to make it ourselves from scratch. Being very particular and most definitely foodies, our standards are pretty high. We want food that tastes great, is great for us, is easy on the environment and relatively easy to prepare. Less preservatives and more wholesome ingredients.

Then in 2003, after hearing Sandor Katz speak about fermented foods in conjunction with passionately wanting to be part of a local economy the need to produce something arose.  We didn’t want to produce just anything, we wanted to produce a food staple. It wasn’t long before Tempeh was the obvious choice for us. The flavor of fresh hand made Tempeh is unrivaled, and we realized we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves. We had share it with the world! We have since become experts in producing this versatile, fermented Indonesian proteinWe have learned to make Tempeh with many different beans, and without any additional grains.

We understand the need for protein rich, healthy, and satisfying food to be available in stores and restaurants.  With growing concerns for personal health, the health of ecosystems and the well-being of animals, tempeh is a perfect solution. Ours is naturally gluten-free, high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. We insist on using only simple, organic and non-GMO ingredients.